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Guest artist { Nark Junho}

We will be having a guest artist from Portugal the first few weeks in May. 


With the artistic name Nark, he started illegally in graffiti leaving his mark mostly in lettering.

Gradually, his work evolved and was admired with the passage to create large murals, masterpieces that executes with technique and speed. Currently, his graffiti works are mostly private and public commissions, or interventions of a social nature for which he makes willingly and whenever requested (social quarters, associations and schools) the interventional and social side that he likes to maintain. Currently he mainly focuses on portraits. His taste for the arts also includes his profession as a conservation and restoration technician, with a post graduate degree in interior conservation and rehabilitation, carrying out stucco works with a vast curriculum.

Nark admires artists who use traditional techniques and always tries to leave their work as it was intended for future generations. These multiple interests make him disperse which carries out works to exhibit and sell in galleries with various supports. Most of his displayed peices are sprayed but also has works made with plastics, sheets, use of cans, painting in various supports, including vehicles and planes. Tattooing is still part of his interests, he owns his tattoo shop and gallery in Mafra.

The following works that he is best known for are the works in Saramago Foundation in Lisbon, which today appears on the website of the Urban Art Gallery of Lisbon, in the best graffiti in the city disapeared (2016), the work he performed at Quinta do Mocho, intervention of the Chamber of Loures where he made a caricature of Angela Merkel fighting the refugees, the work he carried out in Setubal as part of the "heads and tails" festival , the work in Algés untitled "Me" for the CPCJ of Oeiras, In Estoril the work "Dream Big" in Cascais the mural dedicated to the African community and more recently the immense works he has left behind by Mafra's council.

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